Mon. Nov 28th, 2022


There are many benefits to an integrated security system for your business, and we will discuss them here. Integrated security systems can record everything that happens in your business, receive alerts from burglar alarms, and keep building access logs. These features make it harder for fraudsters to steal your property. In addition to security and cost savings, integrated security systems give you visibility and enhanced visibility. These advantages are worth considering, so contact us for a free consultation and estimate.

Integrated security system

An integrated security system in Max Video Security provides real-time monitoring and recording of every activity on a building. They can monitor multiple buildings and floors, as well as parking lots. This type of system can identify suspicious people and minimize damage. These systems also provide a more organized workflow. Therefore, it is more beneficial to install an integrated security system in a business than a separate video surveillance system. Here are some of the benefits of an integrated security system for businesses.

Integrated security systems are the best option for businesses that require after-hours protection. This type of security system deters burglars from targeting businesses with cameras and alarms. In fact, over eighty percent of convicted burglars check whether an alarm system is installed at a target building before attempting a burglary. They also help prevent false premise liability claims by recording burglary attempts. They may even help protect a business from a lawsuit if a criminal does get caught.


If you're thinking about purchasing an integrated security system for your business, consider future-proofing it. Future-proofing means planning for the future and addressing changing business requirements in a holistic manner. The future-proofing process involves an integrated approach that addresses operational, technology, and built-environment requirements. A future-proof system allows you to plan for the long term while minimizing the impact of future changes.

Cost savings

Integrating an integrated security system for your business can provide significant cost savings. A live monitoring station can help prevent intruders before they even set foot on your property. With only an alarm system to protect you, burglars and other intruders could slip in and steal your hard-earned money. Integrated security systems provide this valuable benefit. They can also be used for other purposes, such as managing parking and access control.

Enhanced visibility

An integrated security system has several benefits. One of these benefits is an event audit log. Many organizations already maintain access logs for door access systems and video cameras, so combining them makes sense. The log provides context for access events and allows the user to see who is actively accessing the building. An integrated system can help you detect and respond to issues sooner. Here are three key benefits of an integrated security system.

Integrated security systems can give businesses greater security than an alarm alone. Because these systems communicate with each other, they can match up time stamps from access control devices with video footage. This makes it much easier to detect fraudulent activity, and it also saves time. Fraudsters will have a harder time escaping with their money when a reputable business is protected with an integrated system.


If you're trying to decide how much an integrated security system for a business should cost, you'll find that there are many factors that determine the overall cost of the system. Choosing a reliable integrated security system will not only protect your business in the short and long term, but it will also reduce your costs. The cost of a security system for business is typically divided into three different categories: hardware, set-up, and ongoing monthly costs.

When it comes to video storage, it's important to choose a system that can integrate with other systems, both internal and external. While you'll need to choose a storage medium that will be compatible with your video surveillance system, it's best to select a platform that meets the industry standards. In this case, an integrated security system can use hard drives or virtual hard drives. A cloud-based system will save you money as the video data is stored online, rather than in a computer.